#7. Realization

I was hurt even if I pretended to be in love.
I lost my everything just in those months, but found myself,whom I was searching for long time.
I realized,in the end it's just me and my soul.
I was drowned in being kind hearted, forgot about the reality.
I wasn't able to give you the love which you gave me, as I was sill searching for myself.
Just in those months I felt every emotion a human can imagine.
Finally I found myself and realized, I should love myself to love others.
I shouldn't change myself to give the love they want.
In the end I realized, I should love myself to love others.


Never love someone else if you don’t love yourself. Don’t look down on yourself. You are perfect in your own way, let the world love you as who you are and not how they want you. Remember you are lovable just the way you are! Just wait till you glow up by loving yourself

It’s the last poem in the series. I hope it made sense and also that you liked it.