Someone you once loved

I’m freezing to death but still waiting for you in hope. In hope of seeing your shilouette one last time. But I know that it’s not possible because you are busy making love with someone you loved in past.

Making love with someone who was too immersed in her own world to notice you the way I did. Making love with someone who can’t pace with you being kind the way I did.

I know you won’t come because you are in love with someone you once loved…again.


You tried so hard to tame them, to keep them in check.

Every so often you would run your fingers in your unruly but gorgeous mess. You kept them as if you were bound to.

But Oh gods! When you had them down it was utter beauty.

Your long straight black hairs, dangling upto your tailbone, flaring with sunshine along the wind. Wind was your song and skimming walk your rhythm, rhythm on which your hairs dangled like they are meant to be.

#7. Realization

I was hurt even if I pretended to be in love.
I lost my everything just in those months, but found myself,whom I was searching for long time.
I realized,in the end it's just me and my soul.
I was drowned in being kind hearted, forgot about the reality.
I wasn't able to give you the love which you gave me, as I was sill searching for myself.
Just in those months I felt every emotion a human can imagine.
Finally I found myself and realized, I should love myself to love others.
I shouldn't change myself to give the love they want.
In the end I realized, I should love myself to love others.


Never love someone else if you don’t love yourself. Don’t look down on yourself. You are perfect in your own way, let the world love you as who you are and not how they want you. Remember you are lovable just the way you are! Just wait till you glow up by loving yourself

It’s the last poem in the series. I hope it made sense and also that you liked it.

#6. Wave

I know it wasn't easy to get out of the stupid maze, 
it wasn't suppose to end it that way.
Like a big wave of ocean, you took away all my emotions, but I didn't gave up as I knew..
waves come back along with what she took.

I started to follow the tune of Pied piper and got lost in it, halted outside the stupid maze.
In the bright moonlight I walked towards the ocean, asked how I ended up in this way.
It splashed a wave and said, its just a test in your life, yet more to come.


Hello! This is #6 poem in the series. I’ve tried to write a story in form of poem. Plz do read other poems too, to feel the flow of story! Have a great day/night.

#5. Crossed

What would have happened, if we never crossed each other's paths..?
Would you be still thinking about me, or would you be wandering around the town with your oldself?
Would I be still trying to fake smile for others, or smile in a way I used to?
Would you be still looking in our class, or run the chorus for teachers?
Would I still be shattered into pieces, or helping others to mold their's?
Would you still be showing your dominance over me, or be happy like you always were?
Would I still hate love, or hope to have it for once in my lifetime?


Hello! This is #5 poem in the series. I’ve tried to write a story in form of poem. Pls do read other poems to feel the flow of the poem!

#4 .Letting go

Months had passed since our last meet.
Still the scene stands as clear as crystal in front of me.
The vows which you made are still fresh in my mind.
They seemed so determined, but don't know why ended up like a pile of trash.

My reason was to make you happy, atleast for the time being.
I tried my best to hide the untold truth, but ended up losing myself.

It was the last time wheen we locked our eyes with each other.
It all felt childish yet so good.
We both knew it wasn't going to work, and in the end; ended being broken apart.


Its #4 poems in the series. I’ve tried to write a story in form of poem. Pls do read other poems to enjoy the flow of the story!

#3. Hate you to Love you

My heartand soul.
My love and pain, just take it one last time.
My heart and soul,
I know it belongs to you.
I knew you were using me around,but still let you.
One last kiss which was poisened by your lust, but still drank it knowing that we were near to the end.


Hello! This is #3 poem in the series. I’ve tried to write a story in form of poem. Pls do read to enjoy to the flow of story ~

#2. Vows

The vows on which everything depended, were the one's that led to stray. 
Dangling to find my way in this stupid maze.

Putting my best fake smile to make you happy in a certain way.
Trying my best to fit myself in the mask I made for yoursake,
but ended up being stuck behind it.
I lost my identity.
For whom I dangled the veil couldn't even recognize me.

Love is a ignorant spell which made me a puppet tied to your strings.


This is #2 poem in the series. I have tired to write a story through poems. Plz do check #1 to understand and feel the flow 🙂

#1. Loss..because of you

Lost in my thoughts, thinking about old times which we shared under bright sky.

Lost in my imagination, imagining you will come back to me like sun comes to rise.

Lost my way, wandering on the streets in search of your single glance.

Lost my mind, as you left me long ago to sleep in sleepless nights.

Lost my words, long ago which remained unsaid like a old book in sideboard.


This is first poem in the series. Its my first time to make write a story in form of poem. Plz feel free to comment and tell me wt u thought after reading it